Exclusively for Fez News.. Female students who were victims of harassment in Ain Chekf speak to Fez News in a painful video and reveal the secrets of the file

In the context of the repercussions of the sexual harassment file that shook the Education Directorate, in which a number of female students were killed by the director of a rehabilitative secondary school in the Ain Chekf community of the Regional Directorate of Moulay Yacoub, the newspaper learned that the presentation before the eyes of justice will take place tomorrow, after the end of the preliminary investigations led by the Gendarmerie. Royal Palace Bensouda in Fez.

As part of its follow-up to the file that Fez News revealed on April 25, 2024, which appeared in a video, which the newspaper did not publish, out of respect for the privacy and feelings of the victim, that the principal of a high school in Ain Chekf was sexually harassing one of the students, after her absence from high school for health reasons, in this context, the newspaper quoted, Exclusively, it is not only the testimony of the victim student who uploaded the video, but also the testimony of another student who said that she in turn was subjected to similar practices, albeit in a less severe manner, from the principal himself. She added that a number of female students were victims, but some of them remained silent for fear of the consequences, and others preferred to Transition from high school.

For her part, and from what the victim who posted the video said, the tape was leaked, and she did not intend to publish it, given that the director is a close friend of her father and that the bonds of friendship bind the two families together…

Prepare to watch the painful interview conducted exclusively by the newspaper with the two schoolgirls involved.

Once again, as we mentioned before, educational departments, at the highest level in the country, must consider programming awareness lessons on legal culture, for the benefit of educational frameworks and students alike, to identify and remind them of the limits that are prohibited to be crossed in dealing, physically and morally, with students.

Wait for us in the exclusive video

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