Road Maintenance Project Launched in Ain Chkeff Commune

The Ain Chkeff Commune, under the Moulay Yacoub Province in the Fez-Meknes Region, has initiated a project for the maintenance of urban roads within its territory.

According to the project board displayed at the site, the project details are as follows:

Country: Kingdom of Morocco
Ministry: Ministry of Interior
Region: Fez-Meknes
Province: Moulay Yacoub
Commune: Ain Chkeff

Project Owner: Ain Chkeff Commune
Project Description: Maintenance works for urban roads in Ain Chkeff Commune, Moulay Yacoub Province

Contract Number: 5 CAC/2023
Duration: 4 months
Executing Company: GRIP
Laboratory: LABO-EST

The project, awarded to the construction company GRIP, involves maintenance activities for the urban road network within the Ain Chkeff Commune. The works are scheduled to be completed within a four-month timeframe.

Quality control and supervision of the project will be carried out by LABO-EST, a laboratory specialized in construction materials testing.

This road maintenance initiative is part of the commune’s efforts to improve urban infrastructure and ensure smooth mobility within its territory. By rehabilitating the road network, the project aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and facilitate access to essential services and facilities.

Local authorities place a high priority on maintaining and upgrading transportation infrastructure, recognizing its crucial role in sustainable development and promoting economic activities within the region.

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