Drug traffickers exploit a security loophole on the border between Zouagha and Moulay Yacoub: Crime rates have risen significantly

In an exclusive statement to Fez News, a victim of addiction to hallucinogenic pills revealed the dangerous situation witnessed in the Zouagha district of Fez. He explained that the spread of these destructive pills is due to the laxity of the Royal Gendarmerie on the border between Moulay Yacoub province and Fes, making the area an easy corridor for the promotion and smuggling of these narcotic substances.

In another statement to Fes News, the victim confirmed that traffickers are exploiting an area on the border between Zouagha district and Moulay Yacoub province, which calls for the need for coordination between the police and the gendarmerie for an effective security approach. The source added that this security gap has led to a noticeable increase in crime rates in Zouagha district, reinforcing the need for urgent action by the authorities.

The victim called on the responsible authorities to take decisive and immediate measures to curb this phenomenon, stressing that protecting youth and society from the danger of drug addiction requires concerted efforts. Effective co-ordination between the various security agencies has become a necessary solution to achieve security and stability in the region, he said.

The statements come at a time when concerns are growing about the effects of the spread of drugs on security and social stability in the region, which calls for immediate action by the competent authorities to address the phenomenon and minimise its negative repercussions.

From the website: Fez News

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