Health Syndicate condemns the attack on a female employee at a health center in Moulay Yacoub

The regional office of the National Union of Health in Moulay Yacoub issued a communiqué strongly denouncing the incident of verbal assault and humiliation to which a female employee of the Youth Health Space Centre in Ain El Chagaf was subjected on Wednesday, 20 June 2024.

According to the communiqué, the attack occurred while the employee was carrying out her regular duties at her workplace, where a citizen verbally assaulted her for the second time in a row, asking her to perform an illegal service related to the examination of a child under the age of 10, which is contrary to the rules of reference in place in youth health centres.

The communication strongly condemned this behaviour, describing it as a form of individual selfishness and greed. It also denounced the failure of the centre’s administrator to intervene to protect the employee and convince the aggressor of the need to abide by the legal procedures.

In light of this incident, the union’s regional office declared its absolute solidarity with the nurse in charge and all the employees of the youth health centre in Ain El Chakf. It also called for the activation of Ministerial Circular No. 8505 issued on 26 October 2021 on the protection of health workers in case of assault.

The communiqué called on the health and social protection officials in Moulay Yacoub region to provide the necessary conditions for the professional practice of this centre, especially the provision of security and protection of the health workers working there.

In conclusion, the regional office affirmed its right to schedule all appropriate forms of struggle to defend the rights and dignity of health workers, calling on the health workers in the region to join forces and unite efforts to preserve their dignity and achieve their legitimate demands.

From the website: Fez News

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