“‘Don’t Touch My Child’ Organization Steps in Regarding Circulated Video of Director Allegedly Sexually Exploiting Student in Moulay Yaâcoub”

After the “Fes News” newspaper exposed a scandal of suspected sexual harassment involving a director of an educational institution in the qualifying cycle in Moulay Yaâcoub, with one of the students inside his office, the “Don’t Touch My Child” human rights organization intervened after reviewing the video circulating on social media platforms.

The organization described this act in a statement as “a complete deviation from the noble goals upheld by educational professionals, and a tarnishing of the noble human values taught within educational institutions.”

The organization questioned, “Is this crime a reflection of a serious breakdown in the Moroccan educational system?”

The organization strongly condemned the director’s actions as “serious and despicable acts towards the student after sexually exploiting and blackmailing her.”

The organization held the Ministry of National Education, as the supervisory authority, responsible for “what has happened and what is happening,” and demanded “urgent intervention to ensure justice for the student and restore her dignity, which can only be achieved by holding him accountable for his actions.”

The organization also declared its full solidarity with the student and her family, affirming that it “will not hesitate to defend their rights, reclaim their dignity, and protect them.”

The organization concluded its statement by emphasizing that “the perpetrator should serve as a lesson to anyone who dares to violate the dignity of our children.”

The “Don’t Touch My Child” organization demands an urgent and thorough investigation into this case and the prosecution of the perpetrator to receive fair punishment, while also emphasizing the need to take serious steps to prevent such crimes from recurring in the future.

Source: Fes News Media

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