Moulay Yacoub Province achieves positive indicators in the National Initiative for Human Development program

The Moulay Yacoub Regional Municipality has announced the achievement of very positive indicators within the National Human Development Initiative (NHDI) programme, with recent reports showing remarkable progress in the various development projects being implemented in the region.

The National Human Development Initiative (NHDI) aims to fight poverty, fragility and social exclusion, promote citizen participation in identifying and realising their needs and demands, as well as good governance and the involvement of all actors in development and decision-making.

Phases of the National Initiative for Human Development:

The first phase (2005-2010):

Focused on four main programmes:

Fighting poverty in rural areas.

Fighting social exclusion in urban areas.

Fighting fragility.

A comprehensive programme for all non-targeted rural and urban communities.

The second phase (2011-2015):

Increased funding for the initiative, targeting hundreds of rural communities and poor urban neighbourhoods, in addition to targeting one million beneficiaries from 3,300 villages in 22 isolated or mountainous regions.

Third phase (2019-2023):

Launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Wednesday, 19 September 2018, it focuses on four main programmes:

Addressing the shortage of infrastructure and basic services in under-equipped territorial areas, with the aim of breaking isolation and improving the socio-economic conditions of disadvantaged groups.

Accompanying people in a vulnerable situation, with the aim of providing care and social reintegration for vulnerable groups.

Improving the income and economic inclusion of young people by adopting a territorial approach based on proximity and the valorisation of local assets and resources.

Supporting the human development of younger generations by investing in human capital.

Results of the initiative in Moulay Yacoub region:

Thanks to the joint efforts of local authorities, civil society and the private sector, the Moulay Yacoub region has made significant progress in improving infrastructure, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and enhancing social services including education and health.

The municipality seeks to continue this approach to ensure sustainable and inclusive development in the region, ensuring a fair distribution of resources and achieving the objectives of the National Initiative for Human Development.

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