Thirst crisis threatens several communities in Taounate region

It has been learned from multiple local sources that the Taounate region is facing the specter of a thirst crisis that threatens many communities, coinciding with the arrival of the summer season and high temperatures.

Local activists have sounded the alarm, warning that the situation will worsen in the coming weeks, especially with the doubling of the population’s suffering in obtaining potable water.

This comes despite the recent announcement by the group of cooperation groups in the region of a project to purchase about 30 tanker trucks to supply water to the affected communities.

This solution proved to be insufficient, as many villages continue to experience great difficulties in accessing this vital substance, forcing them to travel long distances in search of water in the springs, which are also at risk of drying up.

The crisis intensifies with the arrival of summer every year, triggering a wave of protests by residents demanding radical solutions to the recurring thirst issue.

The situation is expected to be worse this season, especially with the repercussions of successive drought years and record high temperatures, in addition to the failure of elected councils to take effective steps to break the cycle of this renewed crisis.

Source : Fes News Media

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