Moulay Bouchta El Khemar’s letter to the governor of Taounate Province raises the eyebrows of social media users +(Photos)

The community of Moulay Bouchta Khemar, in the Ba Mohammed village district, witnessed a protest described as “strange” by 12 employees, as the head of the community informed the regional governor to organize a protest and suspend the employees from work.

The letter from the head of the commune, who belongs to the Independence Party, went viral on social media, along with the names of the protesting employees and the slogans they chanted, such as “cutting necks, not cutting livelihoods,” “against marginalization, against exclusion,” and “respecting union freedoms” and not cutting.

In his letter, the head of the group stated that six of the protesting employees had submitted requests for a change of duties, considering that their protest aimed to obstruct work, stressing that “they were answered with the need to continue working according to the public interest.”

The letter sparked a wave of ridicule among social media pioneers, who were surprised by the behavior of the head of the group and considered the employees’ protest justified.

Some commentators questioned the reasons for the protest, while others considered that the behavior of the head of the community shows the lack of dialogue and negotiation with the employees.

This is not the first time that community employees in Morocco have organized protests to demand better working conditions, but this incident raised special attention due to the strangeness of the community leader’s behavior.

The letter below is from the head of the Moulay Bouchta commune to the governor of Taounate region asking him to intervene to end the protest of the Moulay Bouchta commune’s employees

Source : Fes News Media

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