Two years ahead of schedule, the Ministry of Equipment and Water announces the progress of the Sidi Abou dam in Taounate + (photos)

The Ministry of Equipment and Water announced that the construction of the Sidi Abou dam, located in Wadi Laban in the Ain Maatouf community in the Tissa region, southeast of Taounate, is progressing at an accelerated pace.

The ministry explained that it has completed 70% of the work on the dam over the past year, after the start of its construction was given at the end of 2021, and the construction period was reduced by about 12 months, thanks to local Moroccan contractors.

According to the preliminary data available, the dam is expected to be completed at the beginning of August 2024, instead of August 2026 as originally planned, as the dam will be able to store 200 million cubic meters of water, and will contribute to creating about 360,000 work days during the construction period, qualifying the local labor force, raising the income level of farmers by developing and diversifying agricultural products, and supporting ecotourism using the dam’s lake.

According to the same data, the amount of funding allocated to the project amounts to about 1.24 billion dirhams, and the dam’s budget includes irrigation projects covering an area estimated at 5,000 hectares, securing potable water for the surrounding areas, increasing hydropower production, and protecting the area from floods.

It is worth mentioning that the main dam of Sidi Abou, with a height of 71 meters and a length of about 111 meters at the top, is built of pressed concrete, and the volume of concrete filled in it exceeds 250,000 cubic meters.

Source : Fes News Media

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