Wolves are terrorizing the residents of Wurtzagh community in Taounate. Urgent demands to protect citizens and their property

The inhabitants of the Wartzagh community in Taounate region are living in a state of fear and terror, due to repeated attacks by wolves on their villages, threatening their safety and livelihoods.

According to local sources, these attacks have caused great material losses to the residents, after the wolves preyed on livestock, poultry and other animals that are their main source of livelihood.

In the face of this alarming situation, residents appealed to the responsible authorities, especially the water and forestry departments, to intervene urgently to stop these repeated attacks and provide the necessary protection for residents and their property.

They also stressed the need to take measures to curb the proliferation of wolves in the area, which has become a real threat to the safety of their lives, especially children and the elderly.

It is noteworthy that these attacks are not the first of their kind, as the residents of the area have been subjected to similar attacks in the past, which emphasizes the need to find radical solutions to this phenomenon, which threatens the security and stability of the region.

Source : Fes News Media

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