Princess Lalla Hasnaa inaugurates the Festival of Spiritual Music in Fez

The city of Fez is on high alert in preparation for the official opening of the Spiritual Music Festival, which will be presided over by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa.

The opening is scheduled to take place this evening at Bab El Makina, where all eyes are on this major cultural event that brings together lovers of spiritual music from around the world.

Since this morning, the city has witnessed intensive movements by officials and organizational teams to ensure that preparations go smoothly. Tight security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of attendees and to organize the festival in a manner befitting Fez’s status as the cultural and spiritual capital of the Kingdom.

The festival, which runs from May 24 to June 1, 2024, will feature a busy program that includes musical performances by international artists and bands from different countries, promoting cultural exchange and communication between peoples. The festival will also see the participation of international artist Sami Youssef, whose concert tickets sold out quickly, leading to their appearance on the black market at high prices.

In an exclusive statement to Fes News, a high-ranking official at the Fes regional governorate confirmed that preparations are in full swing to ensure the success of the festival and achieve its cultural and tourism goals. He pointed out that the participation of Princess Lalla Hasnaa in the opening gives the event special importance and reflects the royal support for culture and arts in Morocco.

Today, all eyes are on Bab Al Makina, where a large crowd is expected to celebrate the launch of this important cultural event, which enhances Fez’s status as a distinguished cultural destination and reflects the richness of Morocco’s heritage and its ability to interact with different cultures.

Source : Fez News Media

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