Secret laboratories in Janan al-Ward : Thousands of workers at risk

In light of the difficult economic conditions, thousands of families in the Jnan el-Ward district resort to working in clandestine factories that lack the minimum conditions of health and physical safety, these factories, which operate in underground layers, have turned into time bombs that may explode at any moment, especially as summer approaches and temperatures rise.

The local authorities find themselves in a difficult situation: Do they intervene strictly to close these factories and protect the workers, or do they adopt another approach that takes into account the importance of these factories in ensuring the livelihood of thousands of families?

According to preliminary data available to Fes News, the residential neighborhoods in the area have turned into an informal industrial neighborhood, which increases the risk of disasters that may have serious consequences.

Workers who work in these dangerous conditions suffer from a lack of basic health and safety conditions, putting their lives at risk on a daily basis.

Many of these workers consider these factories to be their only source of livelihood and fear losing their jobs if the authorities intervene to shut them down.

As summer approaches, fears of catastrophic accidents multiply as a result of high temperatures and increased pressure on these clandestine factories, densely populated residential neighborhoods have turned into informal industrial zones, which puts the authorities in front of a great responsibility to protect residents and workers alike, with the need to find solutions that balance between preserving livelihoods and ensuring basic health and physical conditions in workplaces.

Followers of local affairs called on the concerned authorities to intervene urgently to resolve this crisis to ensure the safety of all.

Source : Fes News Media

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