Al-Fatal Tigers group returns with escalating decisions against Ismail Jamei

On Friday, the Fatal Tigers group issued a statement announcing a series of escalating decisions against Ismail Jamei, the president of Morocco’s Al-Fassi Sports Club.

It should be noted that the Fassi fans hold Jami responsible for the financial crisis that the team is suffering from, which led to the delay of players’ dues for several months, which affected their performance on the field, and the fans hold Jami responsible for the mismanagement and wrong choices that led to the decline in the team’s results in recent years.

The text of the communiqué, as received by FasNews, is unedited:
After the end of the Morocco Fassi sports season, which passed like its predecessor with the failed president without any significant achievements or building a competitive team and forming a future team with an identity based mostly on the sons of the club as in the past, as all he achieved was the destruction of everything the team has accumulated for years, until it became without identity and without prestige, years while we watched ghosts running on the field without spirit and passion for football.

On this basis, and as a continuation of the struggle of the Fassiya fans against the university president, whom we consider the source of all the pain and setbacks experienced by the public, the group invites all fans who are jealous of the team and confident to free it from the tight takeover by the university in front of the eyes of the authorities, to attend two important milestones to save the team.

First : An open meeting for all Massaoui fans to discuss the team’s issues and openness to Fassi views and come up with solutions through a serious and democratic discussion and the participation of everyone in the decision, which is why the group invites you to attend tomorrow, Saturday, at 6 pm at the Saadien Stadium (Stadium 6).

The second: a protest in front of the Fes Meknes Province in the city center, demanding the departure of the university and finding the appropriate solution for the team, on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Every lover of the team and every jealous of the city of Fes must answer the call of the heart and soul to defend the team, as we are the ones who will save the team and we are all that is left for Morocco Fassi.

Let’s all unite to liberate the team, which is a public property and belongs to everyone, not to Ismail Jamei.

Source : Fez News Media

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