Follow-up : Morocco’s largest black market source for textiles, shoes and more

Jnan El Ouard is in an exceptional situation as it has turned into the largest source of black market in Morocco, especially in the textile and shoe industries. Hundreds of clandestine factories operate in dangerous and illegal conditions underground, where they lack the minimum health and physical safety conditions, endangering the lives of thousands of workers on a daily basis.

Thousands of families in the region depend on these factories as their main source of livelihood, making it difficult for the authorities to intervene strictly without considering the socio-economic consequences.

According to preliminary data available to Fes News Media, residential neighborhoods in Jnan El Ouard have turned into unofficial industrial zones, teeming with factories operating outside the framework of the law.

These clandestine factories provide large quantities of products that are sold on the black market, which negatively affects the formal economy and increases the challenges faced by the government in regulating this industry, and with the approaching summer and high temperatures, fears of disasters are increasing as a result of the unsafe conditions in which workers work.

In the face of this complex situation, the authorities find themselves facing a difficult test: Do they take strict measures to close these factories and protect the lives of workers, or do they adopt another approach that takes into account the economic importance of these factories in ensuring the livelihood of thousands of families? Proposed solutions include regulating this industry and transforming them into legal facilities that follow safety and health standards, in addition to providing economic support programs for affected families, and educating workers and factory owners about the importance of complying with the laws.

Followers of local affairs called on the concerned authorities to take urgent and balanced measures to ensure everyone’s safety and strengthen the official economy.

Source : Fes News Media

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