Fes Civil Protection heroically tackles a sudden fire near the Atlas Clinic

Last night, a fire broke out in an area next to the Atlas Clinic on the Sefrou road, involving trees, garbage and waste around the site. The fire was brought under control in a short time thanks to the quick and effective intervention of the members of the Sidi Ibrahim Civil Protection Barracks in Fez.

According to Fes News sources, the fire broke out late at night, which raised the concern of residents near the site, and the Civil Protection teams were called, which rushed to the scene quickly and were able to contain the fire and prevent its spread to neighboring areas.

This rapid intervention reflects the readiness and readiness of the Civil Protection teams to deal with emergency situations and ensure the safety of citizens and property. These efforts by Civil Protection personnel play a vital role in protecting the city and its residents from potential risks.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of the fire, and authorities will continue to monitor the area to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future.

Source : Fez News Media

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