Residents of the Labita neighborhood in Fez denounce the phenomenon of using pedestrian crosswalks to expand “garages” Auto Repair Shops + (Photos)

This week, Fez News received a complaint from some citizens via the instant messaging application “WhatsApp”, stating that a series of dangers have occurred in the Labita neighborhood in Fez, near the train station, threatening the lives of citizens, especially children and the elderly.

The issue boils down to the exploitation of the owners of car repair shops to expand their garage by occupying pedestrian walkways, known as “tartiwars,” which endangers the lives of pedestrians as they pass by speeding cars.

According to the same sources, the area has already witnessed tragic accidents, resulting in serious injuries and even deaths, for children and the elderly, as a result of this dangerous habit.

The same sources called for the intervention of the competent authorities to stop this exploitation that endangers the lives of citizens, and to secure safe passages for pedestrians, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of their families.

Source : Fes News Media

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