In Sefrou, a police inspector utilized a warning shot in a Hollywood-style security intervention to save citizens’ lives from imminent danger

A police inspector from the regional security zone in the city of Sefrou successfully employed his service weapon preventively during the apprehension of a 21-year-old individual with a criminal record, who was intoxicated and behaving aggressively. This behavior posed a threat to the safety of citizens and the police officers themselves by brandishing a white weapon.

According to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security, the suspect caused chaos and threatened citizens with a white weapon in the public street of the “Ben Safar” neighborhood in Sefrou. Despite numerous attempts to calm him down, he refused to comply and acted aggressively towards the security personnel by using the white weapon. This prompted the police inspector to resort to using his service weapon and firing a warning shot.

This necessary use of the service weapon neutralized the threat posed by the suspect, leading to his apprehension. He is currently being held under provisional custody by order of the competent public prosecutor’s office, pending an investigation into all the circumstances, factors, and backgrounds related to this case.

Source: Fes News Media

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