Teachers boycott lunch at Safrou training centre because of the ‘smell of chicken’

The National University of Education Employees in Sefrou (UNTM Sefrou) reported on its Facebook page that teachers at the “Riyada” training centre in Sefrou boycotted lunch because of what they described as a “bad smell in the chicken meat”.

The source stated that the university’s regional office received complaints from the scene about this issue. As a result, the university held the regional directorate fully responsible for the situation.

The university confirmed that it will follow up on this file in defence of the rights of the professors concerned, noting that it takes this issue very seriously and will endeavour to ensure that it is appropriately addressed.

This incident highlights the importance of the quality of the food provided in educational training centres and the need to pay attention to the safety and health of professors and workers in the education sector.

From the website: Fez News

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