Results of the Transfer Movement for Primary School Directors in Sefrou Directorate for 2024

The Moroccan Ministry of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports has announced the results of the transfer movement for primary school directors in the Sefrou Directorate for the year 2024, as well as the available vacant positions.

According to official documents, the transfer movement included 23 directors, distributed across various educational institutions in the region. Among the notable results:

  1. Al-Hussein Benkhadra has been appointed to Selmasiya School in Talja province.
  2. Yahya Rabie has transferred to Sidi Lahsen Community School in Taounate province.
  3. Mustafa Haber has been appointed to Tariq Ibn Ziyad School in Taounate province.

Regarding vacant positions for primary education institutions in the Sefrou Directorate for 2024, 11 vacancies have been announced, including:

  1. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid School (Position No. 264)
  2. Al-Farabi School (Position No. 265)
  3. Ibn Rushd School (Position No. 266)
  4. Hub Al-Muluk School (Position No. 267)
  5. Al-Lawz School (Position No. 268)
  6. Al-Dakhila School (Position No. 269)

It’s worth noting that some of these positions provide housing for the director, while others do not.

The Regional Office of the National University for Education Staff in Sefrou emphasized the importance of this transfer movement, indicating that it puts all its capabilities at the disposal of transferees and incoming directors to the Sefrou Directorate for any consultation or assistance.

For more information or inquiries, concerned individuals can contact the following numbers: 0700025733 – 0662073548.

This transfer movement comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts to improve the management of educational institutions and ensure a fair distribution of administrative competencies across different regions.

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