Fez Prepares to Host 2030 World Cup with Comprehensive Transport Sector Development

Official sources have revealed a comprehensive plan to develop the transport sector in the city of Fez in preparation for hosting part of the 2030 FIFA World Cup. The plan includes a significant enhancement of urban transport and infrastructure.

According to the plan, the city will be equipped with about 260 new urban buses, in addition to 460 temporary shuttle buses dedicated to serving the global event. A study will also be conducted to explore the possibility of introducing modern mass transit systems such as trams.

Fez is also scheduled to be supplied with electric tourist buses before 2030, enhancing both the environmental and tourism aspects of the city during and after the tournament.

In a related context, sources reported that the capacity of Fez’s main stadium will increase to 52,000 spectators, making it ready to comfortably host World Cup matches.

These improvements come as part of a broader plan to develop the city’s transport infrastructure, which also includes:

  1. Enhancing air connectivity by expanding Fez-Saiss Airport, increasing its capacity to 3.5 million passengers annually by December 2028.
  2. Improving rail connectivity through equipment renewal on the Rabat-Fez high-speed train line, construction of a new train station in Meknes, and establishment of a new maintenance center.
  3. Launching a high-frequency train between Fez and Meknes with four planned urban stops.

These ambitious projects aim to enhance the travel experience for both visitors and local residents alike, ensuring Fez’s success in hosting part of the 2030 World Cup.

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