American technology startup Iozera expects to establish a data center and artificial intelligence center with a capacity of 386 megawatts in Tetouan (video)

American technology startup Iozera will sign a memorandum of understanding with the Moroccan government to establish a 386 MW data center and artificial intelligence center in Tetouan 1. This initiative aims to transform the artificial intelligence sector in Morocco. Here are some interesting details about this project:

386 MW Data Center: The data center will be powered by renewable energy from Morocco, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly project. This is a great capability that will help meet your computer’s increasing processing needs.

Artificial Intelligence Center: In addition to the data center, Iozera will establish an artificial intelligence center. This center will serve as a platform for researchers, startups and enterprises, working to improve the availability of graphics processing unit (GPU)-based processing. These advanced computing resources will be available to users in the United States, Morocco, and around the world.

Strategic partnership: This project is the result of cooperation between EUZERA and the Moroccan government. It aims to democratize access to artificial intelligence and promote international cooperation in this field.

The memorandum of understanding will be signed at the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas, in the presence of representatives of the Moroccan government and the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investment and Exports (AMDIE)1. This ambitious project will certainly contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence in Morocco and the world.

From: Fez News website

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