Spanish authorities arrest two people on charges of smuggling Moroccan historical coins

You will read in the Al-Alam newspaper in tomorrow’s Monday issue that the Spanish authorities arrested two people who were trying to smuggle Moroccan historical coins.

The newspaper indicated that the suspects in this incident, a Spaniard and an Italian, were trying to smuggle 113 silver coins and 4 gold coins using forged documents to legitimize their ownership. The Spanish national, who worked as an auctioneer in Spain, prepared the coins for his Italian partner.

The source also stated that a statement issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior stated that Spanish police units arrested two people in Barcelona and Madrid involved in smuggling historical currencies of Moroccan origin using forged documents. It was noted that the individuals involved in the operation are suspected of committing crimes such as money laundering and document forgery.

From: Fez News website

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