The Competition Council opens an investigation into suspicions of price manipulation and examines the competitive performance of the sardine supply market

The Competition Council, on the proposal of its interim General Rapporteur, decided to take ex officio measures to open an investigation procedure in order to examine the competitive performance of the sardine supply market.

Within the framework of monitoring the competitive performance of national markets, preliminary investigations conducted by the competent departments of the Competition Council indicated the possibility of the existence of a price agreement concluded between some economic actors in the sardine supply market. This agreement is likely to distort free competition in the relevant market and harm the interests of consumers, according to a press release by the Interim General Rapporteur of the Competition Council.

To this end, and in implementation of the provisions of Article 4 of Law No. 20.13 relating to the Amended and Supplemented Competition Council, the latter decided, based on the proposal of its interim General Rapporteur, to assume its duties to open an investigation. The same source revealed a procedure aimed at examining the competitive performance of the relevant market, as well as the extent to which the above-mentioned practices are compatible with the provisions of Law No. 104.12 relating to freedom of prices and competition.

The press release recalled that Chapter 6 of the aforementioned Law 104-12 stipulates the following: “It is prohibited when its purpose is or may have the effect of preventing, restricting or distorting freedom of competition in the market or coordinated actions, agreements or understandings.” or express or implied coalitions, in any form and for any reason whatsoever, in particular when they tend to: 1. limit market access or the free exercise of competition by other companies; 2. Obstructing the formation of prices through free play in the market by artificially promoting their rise or fall….”

This automatic referral decision falls within the framework of the Competition Council exercising its constitutional and legislative duties and powers aimed at regulating competition in the markets and protecting the interests of consumers, especially with regard to basic necessities that have a significant impact on their purchasing power. Interim General Rapporteur.

From: Fez News website

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