Tounate Province / An elderly man drowned in the Unity Dam in the Zghira community

An elderly man drowned on Tuesday in the field of the Wahda Dam in the Zghira community, Gafsay district, Taounate region, according to local sources.

According to the same sources, the elderly man, who was about 60 years old, was doing agricultural work in a field near the dam, accompanied by a flock of sheep, when the mysterious incident occurred that led to his death by drowning.

Upon notification, local authorities, civil protection personnel, and the Royal Gendarmerie attended the scene, where the victim’s body was recovered and taken to the mortuary at Ghassani Regional Hospital in Fez.

In the summer, Taounate region witnesses frequent drowning incidents due to swimming in valleys and dams due to the high temperatures, in the absence of public swimming pools.

Followers of local affairs called for the need to tighten security measures and provide safe alternatives for youth and citizens to avoid the recurrence of loss of life in such incidents.

Source : Fez News Media

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