A video that shakes the public opinion in the Fes Meknes region documenting a gruesome attack on a person for exposing corruption in front of the world

Two videos, the first lasting three minutes and 25 seconds, and the second lasting 36 seconds, of a person from the Taza region, claiming that he was beaten and injured in the centre of Wadi Amlil city for ‘exposing corruption’ in the region, especially in relation to the sand mafia, have been circulating on social media and instant messaging applications in the Fès-Meknès region.

The first video shows the victim driving his car, with his mobile phone’s video camera turned on, until he was intercepted by another vehicle, a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which stopped him, and a person emerged from it with a stick in his hand, while the victim started to close the window, and the interceptor smashed the driver’s window of the victim’s car while using obscene language.

In the second part of the first video, the victim appears sitting somewhere and then in a car in the passenger’s place, covered in blood and carrying a bandage at the level of the head, after receiving first aid, and appeals to the officials to give him justice, stressing that the matter is related to a mafia to loot sand in the region.

According to the speaker, the region knows a number of violations that must be investigated. ….

As for the second video, it was filmed inside the ambulance on the way to the emergency room, in which the victim talks about the attack he suffered and appeals to the judiciary to provide him with justice.

It is noteworthy that the region, like many provinces and regions in the Kingdom, has recently witnessed a campaign to fight administrative corruption and to sanitise public life, which resulted in the arrest of officials, contractors, employees and employees in the health sector, which caused general satisfaction among the population.

The newspaper was unable to verify the date the video was filmed, nor the context in which the assault took place, and we publish it only to enlighten the public opinion and help justice to take its natural course.

From the website: Fez News

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