The wholesale market in Taza : Chaos and disgraceful behavior threaten the main source of income for the community

The wholesale market in Taza has recently witnessed a state of chaos and indiscriminate management, which has caused widespread discontent among traders, customers and transportation owners, according to local sources.

According to the same local sources, there are many manifestations of this chaos, ranging from manipulations in the market, the complete absence of monitoring committees, to unacceptable behaviors by the market manager and his associates.

Merchants complained of fraud and price gouging, without any deterrent or control body to regulate the market, and customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of cleanliness and organization inside the market, which creates an uncomfortable environment for shopping.

As for transportation owners, they suffer from unjustified harassment by some market officials, who impose “arbitrary” conditions on them, such as forcing them to unload their cargo outside the designated area, or pay illegal fees.

According to observers of local affairs, these shameful practices seriously threaten the main source of income for the Taza community, as the wholesale market is one of the most important distribution centers for vegetables and fruits in the region.

Merchants, customers and transportation owners are calling for the intervention of the responsible authorities to put an end to this chaos, restore order to the market, and punish those involved in these unacceptable practices.

The continuation of this situation may lead to dire consequences for the local economy, which requires urgent action by the authorities to address the issue.

Source : Fez News Media

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