An urgent popular demand that brings together all components of the population of Fez and its socio-economic activities is being put today on the right track to bring it into existence

In a post on his official Facebook page, the independent parliamentary representative, Allal Amrawi, wrote the following:

(After successive governments ignored and remained silent about clarifying the fate of the Fez-Tetouan highway via Ouzane-Chefchaouen, the Minister of Equipment and Water graciously, through his answer to my written question, confirmed the inclusion of this important road project in the national plan for road equipment.)

In the heart of Morocco lies Fez, a city rich in history and culture and a vibrant center of economic and social activity. However, there were pressing demands from the city’s residents and economic actors to improve infrastructure, especially regarding roads. For many years, there have been calls to complete the highway linking Fez to Tetouan via Ouazzane and Chefchaouen, but these demands were met with silence from successive governments.

There currently appears to be a glimmer of hope. In his response to a written question, the Minister of Equipment and Water confirmed that this important road project has been included in the national plan for road equipment. This announcement represents a major step towards realizing the aspirations of the people of Fez and promises to improve road connectivity between the major cities of the region, which will benefit the local and national economy.

Road development is not only a matter of facilitating movement, it is also an important factor in promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life. Faster, improved roads mean reduced travel time, increased safety, and stimulate trade and tourism. It also contributes to reducing congestion and pollution, and providing new job opportunities during the construction and maintenance phases.

With this positive development, the residents of Fez and surrounding areas can look forward to a future where their structural needs are better met. It is a step towards achieving a more comprehensive vision of sustainable development that puts people and the environment at the heart of its concerns.

The hope remains that this project will be implemented efficiently and transparently, and that it will serve as a model for future projects that seek to improve life in Morocco. The Fez-Tetouan highway project is more than just a road; It is a symbol of the progress and development that cooperation and political will can achieve.

From: Fez News website

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