Facebook Post Alleges Lack of Security in Ksar Tadla, Beni Mellal Security Forces Investigate and Reveal the Truth

A recent Facebook post claimed that the city of Ksar Tadla in Morocco is suffering from a lack of security, citing incidents of stone-throwing at houses in the Bouderaa neighborhood by intoxicated individuals.

In response to these allegations, the Beni Mellal Security Forces promptly launched a thorough investigation, reviewing security records at the Ksar Tadla Police Station. During the early hours of the morning of April 18, 2024, authorities received a call via the emergency hotline 19 reporting a person in an abnormal state in the Bouderaa neighborhood.

Upon receiving the report, patrolling police units immediately arrived at the scene and determined that the incident stemmed from a personal dispute between family members. An intoxicated individual had thrown stones at the family’s house and left the area without causing any injuries or material damage.

The Beni Mellal Security Forces confirmed that no official complaint had been filed in this regard, either by the person involved in the incident or by residents of the neighborhood, effectively refuting the claims circulated on social media.

While clarifying the truth behind these allegations, the Beni Mellal Security Forces reiterated their unwavering commitment to bolstering their field security interventions to combat all forms of crime and ensure a sense of security for all citizens.

Source: Fes News Media

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