Novelist and poet Muhammad Al-Harrak signs his novel “Hostage of the North Coast” at the book fair in Rabat.. and this is history

Novelist and poet Mohamed Al-Harrag will sign his novel “Hostage of the North Coast” at the Book Fair in Rabat, on Saturday, May 11, starting at eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

Mohamed Al-Harrak is one of the most qualified Moroccans in Europe, and he discusses immigration and immigrants issues weekly on live radio channels in Brussels.

Summary of the novel

“Hostage of the North Coast”

In the wake of the icy cold snow of a cold dawn on the eve of New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Elysee Palace shook at the shocking news. The French ambassador and some of his companions were kidnapped from a party held at the embassy in Bamako, the capital of Mali, in an unconventional manner. Which will raise a dangerous security and military alert, and in parallel with it, networks of major brokers moved to release the hostages through negotiations and huge financial deals, which caused intense discontent and anger among public opinion, and several voices were raised to investigate it.

Among the hostages was retired French intelligence officer Simon, who was betrayed and let down by his friends and students. Despite his retirement, he returned to the desert of the northern coast to achieve personal goals and search for the treasures of his great-grandfather there.

His return to the desert contains an unbridled desire for adventure, rebellion, and self-realization. It was a revolution against this sudden retirement while he was at the peak of his ability and had acquired many technical skills and very great field experience. In the heart of the desert, he maneuvered, evaded, and played his dangerous game within the joints and joints of the fighting groups, and perhaps his last dance.

He was not released like the rest of the hostages, who saw the light after difficult and arduous negotiations with the fighting groups, which began competing with each other to win astronomical sums that they had never dreamed of before. The threads become more intertwined when several parties intervene in the case, and the amounts multiply more and more.

At the same time, the French Special Forces were able to discover the locations where the hostages were being held in a way that astonished everyone, including the Parisian generals. Everyone was freed immediately, but the adventurous intelligence man did not return to Paris.

The “Simon” file was a shock to Paris, and a miserable failure for its multiple intelligence agencies and its special teams spread throughout the desert of the northern coast. Despite the huge amounts of money spent, and the great sacrifices in equipment and men, a puzzling mystery remained unsolved for senior generals and media figures.

These events coincided with the leaking of secret documents for the negotiations during the era of Servo, a former president of the republic, so that the file constituted another shock in the media, judicial, political and social circles. While the agencies were fighting and accusing each other of leaking these very sensitive documents, because they might cause a complete collapse of the Republic’s interests and strategic security in the African continent in general, and in the northern coast in particular.

In the midst of these momentous events, the desert storms and storms will move to the heart of the Republic. Much blood will flow and body parts will be torn apart there, along with the image of “Barfi” and the various Republic apparatuses due to several security loopholes exploited by adventurous youth.

These horrific events will not remain confined to the borders of the capital, Paris. Rather, they will reach another, more sensitive, capital in the entire world. It is the capital of the European Union and the capital of the Belgian state, Brussels, because of the famous popular neighborhood, “Moulinbeek.” This made several voices louder to storm and destroy it instead of attacking Raqqa in Syria, in a precedent of its kind between two neighboring countries and two institutions of the European Union. Everyone stood in amazement and disbelief at what they heard and saw, as if the resurrection had taken place over the lands of the Old Continent.

The military and security intervention of Paris in Bamako in a direct and exciting way was also a great victory that President Barfi took advantage of, while the peoples of the northern coast were wondering about the feasibility of this invasion, and why this conflict between overseas associations and transcontinental companies over their brown continent, and their competition for… Sometimes he won their affection, and sometimes he broke their will and destroyed their morale and identity.

As for Simon, his concern at first was searching for the treasure of his great grandfather, who was a contemporary of the great king of the desert, Mansi Musa, in Timbuktu. But after this kidnapping, his circumstances changed, and he lived a new life with another king, but this time he was blind. To live under the influence of a special kind of ecstasy, the ecstasy of martial, technical, spiritual and emotional adventures in a strange way, like the strangeness of desert sand and the secrets and treasures hidden beneath it.

“Simon” will narrate the details of his adventures. He will tell some subsidiary and complex details that will seem to be outside his field of work, but his relationships and infiltrations with the groups of the northern coast of the Sahara and with the senior officials of the Republic make those branches narrated in a reversed manner at the heart of the complex conflicts that mar the processes of intervention and the struggle for influence between… Transcontinental companies from various major poles that want to rule this rich desert world.


Muhammad Lahsan Al-Harrak

Brussels – Belgium

From: Fez News website

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