Exclusive: France refuses to extradite the Algerian influencer Saeed Ben Sedira to Algeria, and the generals are afraid of exposing them to the world

After the French police (opposition) arrested Said Ben Sedira in Paris, the Algerian authorities are seeking to return him to their country, in order to be sure that he will not reveal sensitive information to the French.
The Nanterre court decided to release Said Ben Sedira, but prevented him from leaving France during the investigation.

The French Directorate General of External Security suspects that Said Ben Sedira was in contact with people linked to Algerian intelligence. He intended to lead and coordinate acts of violence, up to the point of assassination, among Algerian opponents on French soil, especially tribal leaders, and to pin the blame on Morocco.

Saeed Ben Sedira claims that Morocco is conspiring against him to tarnish his reputation. He even went so far as to accuse the French and Moroccans of drug smuggling in order to send him to Rabat.

It seems that the arrest of Saeed Ben Sedira is only the tip of the iceberg that hides an important case, the details of which may be revealed in the coming days, and it may also reveal information that exposes the propaganda of the Algerian military government.

It remains to be noted that Ben Sedira lives in the United Kingdom and has begun to present himself as an opponent of the Algerian regime. However, identical reports revealed that he works for one of the wings of the military regime that wants to overthrow the current president of the ruling military junta. He was arrested last Saturday upon his arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport in the capital. French Paris.

From: Fez News website

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