Eleven former and current senior officials in the Marrakesh region were referred to the Public Prosecution on charges of financial crimes, including a former governor

After five years of investigation, the Crown Prosecutor at the Marrakesh Court of Appeal began his procedures following a complaint filed in 2018 by activist Abdelilah Tatoush from the Moroccan Association for Human Rights. The accusations relate to suspicions of granting public goods to elected officials for low prices, between 2016 and 2018, with certain goods being allocated to private companies instead of state projects, according to digital sources.

Abdelilah Tatoush said that he was interrogated by the judicial police in May 2018, and procedures were opened against senior officials, including the former mayor of Marrakesh, Mohamed Larbi Belkaid, as well as a former governor of the Marak-Safi region. His file was referred to the Supreme Council of the Judicial Authority, while the prosecution requested that he be prevented from… Leaving the territory and confiscating the passports of the other ten defendants.

According to the accusations, land from a royal project was allocated to elected officials, but ended up in the hands of private companies. For example, land designated for a public school was sold to build a gas station.

From: Fez News website

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