The Spanish position regarding the Moroccan Sahara issue… New maneuvers by the Spanish Popular Party are doomed to failure

The Spanish opposition leader is launching a new parliamentary measure aimed at getting the House of Representatives to “correct” Spain’s position on the fabricated Sahara issue, and return to the “historic position of active neutrality,” according to a text submitted by the Popular Party (PP).

and again! After several failed attempts, the Popular Party returns to the accusation related to the Sahara issue. The parliamentary group of this right-wing formation submitted a request to the Spanish House of Representatives for Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez to appear on the subject of the historical transformation in the Sahara issue, which Pedro Sanchez called for in a letter addressed to King Mohammed VI in 2022.

For the People’s Party, this approach taken by the Spanish Prime Minister is flawed due to its “unilateralism.” The formation criticizes the tenant of Moncloa for exceeding his powers by “omitting” to consult the Council of Ministers and the Spanish House of Representatives before announcing this new position that binds the country as a whole.

It seems clear that the opposition leader, Alberto Figo, is determined to make Pedro Sanchez’s term difficult. Alberto Figo had learned, like any ordinary Spanish citizen, about the historic decision taken by the Iberian neighbor regarding the issue of the desert, through a press release issued by the Royal Court, which was reported by the media of both countries, what he considered a “betrayal” that he had never forgiven.

Observers believe that the desert issue is the loophole through which this anxious aspirant to head the Spanish government is trying, in vain, to weaken the current president of the government of the northern neighbor. Because the good understanding between the Moroccan and Spanish authorities means, in a way, less troubles for Pedro Sanchez, or even political victories. Something that would delay the downfall of this leader and would not help in the efforts of Figo, who is in a hurry to overthrow him.

The evidence for this is that the People’s Party demands, in this document, the Spanish executive authority to “reveal” the agenda concluded between the two countries regarding customs duties in Ceuta and Melilla. This is a way to annoy both the Moroccan and Spanish sides.

In concrete terms, barring a last-minute change of heart, the initiative has no chance of success at all. The Socialist Party’s political ally, the far-left Somar coalition, as well as the Catalan nationalist and autonomist groups, are unlikely to please the PP by supporting this proposal, for purely political calculations. Because it is clear that the weakening of the executive power in Iberia is synonymous with their downfall, at a time when so many issues are at stake.

From the Moroccan side, this initiative serves as a good reminder to our authorities: Spain’s current position regarding the Sahara issue is fragile. Hence the importance of securing irreversible gains capable of withstanding possible threats or disturbances from the next tenant of the Moncloa Palace.

From: Fez News website

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