, a Spanish website specializing in exposing fake news, exonerates Sanchez’s wife from a rumor that she received money from Morocco

A Spanish source confirmed that the supposed voice messages exchanged between the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Moroccan ministers, in addition to a Moroccan banker, regarding an alleged transfer of funds to an external account, are the product of the pure imagination of media outlets specializing in defamation.

The Spanish media outlet specializing in exposing fake news,, revealed: “No, the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister, Begonia Gomez, did not receive any sums of money from the Moroccan authorities in her account residing in a tax haven.”

The companion of the Spanish Socialist leader became the focus of a fierce disinformation campaign after a preliminary investigation was opened against her on charges of influence peddling and corruption. This issue could have caused a new political earthquake in Spain, as the socialist leader threatened to leave power.

In the same context, these accusations directed at Morocco reveal a lot about the stinking obsession that some Spanish circles have towards the Kingdom, and the resistance to any rapprochement between the two countries.

The absurdity of these slanders prompted research into the alleged conversations exchanged between the mother of the two daughters of the Spanish Prime Minister, senior officials in the Moroccan state, and the head of a local bank, in search of the source of these slanders.

“Messages are circulating claiming that an alleged transcript of conversations between Begonia Gomez and senior Moroccan officials has been leaked. These messages claim to prove the existence of a corruption conspiracy related to Gomez and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. “However, there is no evidence of such conversations,” the website states. Iberian verification instantly.

“The document in question is not official, and there is no evidence of the existence of the alleged audio recordings that were transcribed and broadcast (…) The contents currently being broadcast are not the alleged audio recordings of recorded conversations, but alleged transcripts of these conversations.” The same source continues.

In this fabricated conspiracy, Begonia Gomez had, on several occasions, expressed concern about the disclosure of her supposed account in the Bahamas, even though it was not in her name but in the name of one of the candidates.

“The alleged conversations they claim to have access to were never listened to,” the Spanish source confirms. In conclusion, “In short, there is no evidence of the existence of these alleged audio recordings that would prove an alleged corruption conspiracy involving (Begonia Gómez, editor’s note) and the head of government, Pedro Sánchez. The document in circulation is not official but an alleged copy.

From: Fez News website

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