An abandoned villa in Meknes turns into a den for prostitution and exploitation of minors, with residents urging the authorities to intervene

According to local sources, residents of Alal Al Fassi Street in the new city of Meknes have expressed serious concern about the transformation of an abandoned villa in the area into a center for prostitution and the exploitation of minors and homeless individuals.

The same sources report that residents suffer from the behavior of visitors to this den, causing disturbance and compromising public safety, not to mention the fear for the safety of their children, especially with the spread of the phenomenon of exploiting minors in this location.

In this context, residents have appealed to the relevant security authorities for urgent intervention to halt this dangerous phenomenon and protect minors and homeless individuals from sexual exploitation and drug abuse. They also called for ensuring the safety of residents from any assaults that may emanate from visitors to this den.

These complaints underscore the necessity of tightening control over abandoned places to prevent their exploitation for illegal purposes, shedding light on the urgent need to protect children from the risks of sexual exploitation.

Source: Fe

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