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Police Officer Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Morocco

Investigation and Arrest

The Judicial Police in Kenitra, Morocco, have opened an investigation supervised by the relevant public prosecutor’s office on Monday, April 15th. The investigation aims to determine the circumstances surrounding a security guard police officer working in the regional security of Salé, who is currently on his annual leave, in a case related to the possession and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances.

Suspect Apprehended

The police officer suspected of involvement was arrested during a security operation in Kenitra, in coordination with the General Directorate for National Territory Surveillance. He was caught red-handed with 151 grams of cocaine, a quantity of adhesive tapes used for sedation, and a sum of money in both national and European currencies suspected to be proceeds from this criminal activity.

Connection to Previous Case

The arrest of the police officer is linked to the developments of a previous investigation where three individuals were caught at the train station in Kenitra in February, in possession of 203 grams of cocaine. The investigations at that time led to suspicions of the detained police officer’s involvement in this criminal activity.

Legal Proceedings

The suspect is currently under provisional custody pending the ongoing investigation supervised by the relevant public prosecutor’s office. The goal is to uncover all the circumstances of the case and determine all possible ramifications of this criminal activity.

The General Directorate of National Security has issued a decision to suspend the suspected police officer from duty, awaiting the conclusion of the legal proceedings to determine the necessary administrative measures against him.

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