BlueBird to Launch Drone Factory in Morocco

BlueBird Aero Systems

BlueBird, an Israeli group that specializes in defense systems, is getting ready to open a drone factory in Morocco, announced CEO Ronen Nadir today.

Drone Production in Morocco

Morocco is getting ready to join the exclusive club of countries that produce drones. According to Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems, this Israeli group will soon open a drone production site in the Kingdom.

BlueBird’s Presence in Morocco

BlueBird has already set up an industrial unit in Morocco that will start operating soon. BlueBird, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), is a major supplier of drones to Morocco, including models like ThunderB-VTOL, WanderB, and SpyX, which was recently successfully tested in Morocco to attack an armored vehicle.

In addition to BlueBird, Morocco also has drones like Harop from IAI and Harfang from Cassidian (a joint venture between Boeing and IAI) in its impressive drone fleet.

Previous Plans for Drone Factories

The idea of launching local drone production in Morocco is not new. In early June 2023, Shai Cohen, the former head of the Tel Aviv liaison office in Morocco, announced that the Israeli group Elbit Systems planned to establish two drone factories in Morocco. One of the industrial sites was expected to be in Casablanca.

Strengthening Relations

Since the reestablishment of relations at the end of 2020, Morocco and Israel have been rapidly strengthening their ties. They have increased ministerial visits and cooperation in various fields such as economy, tourism, agriculture, and security.

Security Cooperation

In November 2021, during a visit to Morocco by Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Rabat and Tel Aviv signed a framework agreement for security cooperation. This agreement includes regulations for intelligence cooperation, the sale of security equipment, joint training, and strengthening ties between defense industries.

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