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Police Arrest Four Individuals for Vandalism in Casablanca and Marrakech

Police Intervention in Casablanca

The police in Casablanca received a notification about two individuals causing damage to cars parked on the public street in the Sidi Moumen neighborhood. The immediate intervention of the police led to the arrest of the suspects, who were in an advanced state of intoxication and were about to cause damage to several parked cars on the public street.

Police Intervention in Marrakech

In a similar operation, the police in Marrakech intervened after two individuals caused damage to cars parked in the Mahamid neighborhood. This security operation resulted in the arrest of the suspects shortly after committing these criminal acts.

The adult suspects were placed under police custody, while the minor suspect was placed under supervision pending further investigation by the competent public prosecutors to uncover all the criminal acts attributed to those involved.

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