The Justice and Development Party Secretariat

The Justice and Development Party Secretariat calls for an investigation to be opened into the leaked documents of the Family Blog

Call for Investigation

The General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party has called for an investigation into leaked and distorted documents from the family blog, containing content that contradicts Islamic identity and constitutional principles, threatening the cohesion and stability of families and society.


The party considers it necessary to investigate the matter to prevent those seeking to sow discord and manipulate a serious and significant issue.

Disapproval of Leaks

The leaked documents were seen as disrespectful to the King, undermining religious and constitutional obligations on a crucial matter that should not be manipulated to influence public opinion through irresponsible actions.

Refusal to Participate

The Justice and Development Party clarified that their refusal to participate in the oversight request was due to the Socialist Union Party’s unilateral submission without disclosing its motives or reflecting a genuine opposition to government actions.

Party Initiatives

The party commended its initiative to nominate a candidate for the parliamentary elections to uphold party independence and counter controlling approaches that aim to monopolize candidates and parties, using questionable tactics to attract votes, including those from opposition party members.

Opposition to Control

The party condemned the controlling approach in managing parliamentary affairs, where the Prime Minister determines session dates, violating the constitutional principle of separating and balancing powers without considering the Parliament’s authority in this matter.

Future Plans

The party announced plans to present a comprehensive assessment of the government’s two and a half years of work, initiating a public debate on negative setbacks, systematic deterioration, failure to fulfill program commitments, and the Prime Minister’s unethical behavior during the Justice and Development Party’s government tenure.

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