Drivers complain about the deteriorating condition of the highway linking Fez and Taza and demand urgent intervention and repair from the relevant authorities

Several drivers have expressed their extreme frustration over the deteriorating condition of the highway connecting Fez and Taza, especially segments in Bouhalou Tahla, Oued Ammelize Taza, and Ras Tabouda Fez.

They urgently called on the National Highway Office to intervene and repair this road, which has become a direct threat to the lives of its users, especially professional drivers who are forced to use it daily.

This road serves as a vital route for various modes of transportation, making its repair an urgent necessity to ensure the safety of its users.

Drivers squarely hold the Ministry of Equipment responsible for this neglect, pointing out that it not only results in damage to their vehicles but also poses a real danger to their lives due to the high number of fatal accidents on this road.

Statistics indicate that these accidents have caused 49 deaths and 143 injuries in just the past decade, imposing a significant economic and social burden on the state.

Drivers demand comprehensive rehabilitation of this road instead of seasonal patches that prove ineffective, noting that the road has not been fundamentally repaired for a long time.

They are puzzled by the Ministry of Equipment’s frequent repair of other sections of the highway while ignoring this important stretch.

Source: Fes News

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