Morocco Participates in International Consultations on Gaza on the Sidelines of NATO Summit in Washington

Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, revealed on Tuesday that Morocco is participating in international consultations regarding the situation in Gaza, on the sidelines of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit currently held in Washington.

During a press conference, Miller explained that foreign ministers from several countries, including Morocco, will meet with NATO member states to discuss the conflict in Gaza. He added that these meetings will not only focus on discussing a ceasefire but will also address post-conflict plans for establishing governance and security in the region.

In a related context, the American official did not rule out the possibility of bilateral meetings on the summit’s sidelines, in which Morocco might be a party alongside Israel and other countries.

These developments have sparked speculation about Morocco’s potential role in future peacekeeping efforts in Gaza. Mohammed Nechtaoui, an expert in international relations, linked Morocco’s participation in the summit to the possibility of discussing its contribution to peacekeeping forces in Gaza, pointing to the kingdom’s position as a strategic partner of NATO.

On the other hand, Lahcen Agertit, another expert in international relations, dismissed the possibility of Morocco’s participation in such forces, citing the absence of any official Moroccan response and the kingdom’s emphasis on the necessity of a ceasefire and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

It’s worth noting that Morocco recently provided medical aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip by order of King Mohammed VI, confirming the kingdom’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian people in this crisis.

These developments come within the framework of ongoing international efforts to find a solution to the conflict in Gaza, where Morocco’s role as an important regional player in these endeavors is highlighted.

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