A video claiming the spread of sharks on a Moroccan beach goes viral on social media, and here is the truth (video)

In the wake of viral video clips on social media platforms claiming the presence of sharks on Agadir’s beaches, the Sea Lovers and Environmental Protection Association has swiftly issued a clarifying statement to reassure citizens and tourists.

In an exclusive statement to “Febrayer” website, Othman Ablagh, the association’s president, confirmed that the circulating clips have no connection to Agadir’s beaches. He explained that the fins appearing in some of the footage actually belong to peaceful dolphins, not sharks as has been rumored.

Ablagh emphasized the necessity of verifying information before sharing it, warning of the dangers of spreading rumors that could negatively impact the tourist season and instill fear among beachgoers. He also noted that local authorities and relevant bodies are fulfilling their role in maintaining beach safety, praising the efforts of Agadir municipality in the areas of cleanliness and coastal environmental preservation.

In a related context, the association revealed that the clip showing a woman bitten by a shark is not from Morocco and has no relation to Agadir beach. Regarding other clips showing fish fins near Agadir beach, the association clarified that these belong to a species of large dolphins known as “Risso’s dolphins,” which can reach lengths of up to 4.5 meters and weigh between 400 and 500 kilograms.

The association strongly denounced the actions of some pages in publishing misleading information and fake news that could compromise public security for the sake of attracting views, stressing the importance of maintaining Agadir beach’s reputation as an international tourist destination.

Concluding his statement, the association’s president called on citizens to contribute to keeping the beach clean and avoid littering, noting that the association conducts regular awareness and cleaning campaigns for the beach and seabed. He also emphasized the importance of preserving Agadir beach as an “artistic masterpiece” and significant tourist landmark, urging everyone to adhere to proper environmental behaviors.

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