Ben Dabbab Residents Complain of Firecracker Proliferation, Demand Urgent Security Intervention

Residents of Labita and Karyan Al-Hajwi neighborhoods in the Ben Dabbab area are suffering from an escalating problem of increased use of firecrackers, causing significant disturbance to citizens and threatening public safety.

Several residents told our correspondent that the situation has become unbearable, with these firecrackers being used randomly in streets and alleys, leading to annoying noise and creating an atmosphere of tension and anxiety among residents, especially the elderly and children.

One resident added, “We can no longer enjoy peace even in our homes. The sounds of explosions echo everywhere at any time of day or night.”

Amid these worrying conditions, residents have appealed to security services for urgent intervention to put an end to this dangerous phenomenon. Locals demanded the organization of widespread and rapid security campaigns to apprehend those involved in promoting and selling these firecrackers, which are often illegal and imported through illicit means.

A representative from the local neighborhood association stated, “We need strict and immediate measures to combat this phenomenon. The continuation of the current situation could lead to dire consequences for citizens’ safety and neighborhood security.”

It’s worth noting that the use of firecrackers is not only limited to noise disturbance but also poses a real danger to public safety, as it can lead to serious accidents and injuries, especially when used by children and teenagers without supervision.

In conclusion, we confirm that the residents of the Ben Dabbab area look forward to a swift response from the concerned authorities to address this problem and limit the spread of firecrackers, hoping to restore calm and safety in their neighborhoods as soon as possible.

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