Moroccan Government Launches Ambitious Program to Address Inadequate Housing Crisis

The Moroccan government has announced the launch of a new national program aimed at addressing the issue of remaining housing units in slum cities and improving living conditions for citizens. According to an official memorandum issued by the Prime Minister, the program targets approximately 120,000 housing units distributed across various regions of the country.

Key points of the program:

  1. Providing financial support for housing units in two categories:
    • 250,000 dirhams for units covered by social housing agreements before the end of 2020.
    • 300,000 dirhams for other units.
  2. Breakdown of financial support:
    • State budget support of up to 110,000 dirhams per unit in the first category, and 60,000 dirhams maximum for the second category.
    • Contribution from the Ministry of National Territory Preparation, Urban Planning and Housing of 40,000 dirhams per unit.
    • Beneficiary contribution of 100,000 dirhams per unit.
  3. Rehousing families in “F3” type accommodations at minimum, consisting of two rooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  4. Emphasizing the necessity for real estate contractors to pay all due taxes and fees.
  5. Conducting consultations with the banking sector to provide advance financing for projects under the best conditions.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of this program, calling on responsible ministers to work on implementing its provisions accurately to ensure its success in improving housing conditions for Moroccan citizens.

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