Seventh Morocco Today Forum Launches in Dakhla to Discuss the Atlantic Initiative

The seventh edition of the “Morocco Today Forum” kicked off on [today’s date] in the Moroccan city of Dakhla, with a notable presence of prominent national and international figures. This important event brings together a elite group of decision-makers, diplomats, and economic actors from around the world.

This year’s forum focuses on discussing ways to implement the royal vision for developing Africa’s Atlantic facade, with particular emphasis on facilitating access for Sahel countries to this strategic coastline. The forum will also explore the possibilities and challenges associated with this ambitious project.

The forum’s agenda revolves around three main axes:

  1. The Atlantic Initiative as a response to the aspirations of the African continent’s peoples.
  2. The roadmap for implementing Morocco’s proposal towards the continent.
  3. The Atlantic Initiative as a renewed model for South-South cooperation.

The forum is scheduled to conclude with the adoption of the “Dakhla Declaration” on the Atlantic Initiative, which is expected to be an important step towards enhancing regional and international cooperation within the framework of this strategic initiative.

It’s worth noting that choosing the city of Dakhla to host this international event confirms the pivotal role the city plays in developing the southern region of the kingdom and in strengthening relations with sub-Saharan African countries.

Observers will closely follow the outcomes of this forum, which is expected to produce important recommendations that will drive regional and continental development and enhance Morocco’s position as a key player in South-South cooperation.

The selection of Dakhla as the venue for this international event underscores the city’s crucial role in developing the kingdom’s southern region and in strengthening ties with sub-Saharan African nations.

Analysts will be closely monitoring the forum’s outcomes, which are anticipated to yield significant recommendations aimed at advancing regional and continental development, while reinforcing Morocco’s status as a key player in South-South cooperation.

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