Moulay Yacoub Province Celebrates World Cooperatives Day and Discusses Ways to Advance the Social Economy

In celebration of World Cooperatives Day, the Regional Committee for Human Development in Moulay Yacoub Province organized a communicative meeting on Saturday, July 6, 2024. The event was held at the Regional Youth Platform in Dwiyet under the slogan “Outcomes, Challenges, and Opportunities for Advancing the Social and Solidarity Economy in Moulay Yacoub Province.”

This event aims to highlight the importance of the social and solidarity economy as a tool for enhancing solidarity and community participation in developing local products and achieving sustainable and inclusive social and economic development.

The event comes within the framework of the National Initiative for Human Development programs, which pay special attention to local development through the implementation of diverse projects targeting youth in particular. This reflects a belief in their vital role in promoting human development through the social and economic integration of local populations.

The day’s program included organizing workshops that discussed the challenges faced by cooperatives benefiting from the Income Improvement and Economic Integration Program for Youth, within the National Initiative for Human Development, especially in the area of supporting the social and solidarity economy. The opportunities and possibilities available for advancing this sector in the province were also reviewed.

This meeting provided an opportunity to highlight the successes achieved by the National Initiative for Human Development in supporting cooperative work, confirming the importance of these initiatives in achieving sustainable development at the local level.

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