Source: Here in Sidi Makhifi where everything is hidden with God’s help, things are getting better

A local source from the COMMUNE Sidi Makhifi in Taounate Province criticized the actions of the local council of theCOMMUNE, citing the fact that even some official buildings do not have signs explaining to strangers to the area what they are and what they were built for.

The following is the source’s message, verbatim:

Photos from Sidi Makhifi, Taounate Province

Indeed, everything in this Jماعة is hidden, even the names of state institutions.

The important thing is that we did you a favor: the building near which the bulldozer is located is the Jماعة, and the other picture is for the health center.

And what is hidden is greater in the COMMUNE Sidi Makhifi.

May God help us.

From the website: Fes News

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