Successful Evacuation of “Daya El Chami” Slum Area by Sais Authorities

Fes, July 2, 2024 – In an important step aimed at improving living conditions for residents and reorganizing informal settlements, Sais authorities successfully evacuated the slum area known as “Daya El Chami” yesterday. The evacuation operation, which took place under the direct supervision of local authorities, was characterized by good organization and coordination between various concerned agencies, contributing to the success of the operation without any notable issues.

This operation comes as part of a comprehensive program to rehabilitate informal settlements in the city of Fes, with the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment for residents. Many citizens expressed their satisfaction with this step, praising the efforts made by the authorities to improve the standard of living in the area.

In this context, a special source told Fes News that this operation is a continuation of a series of initiatives aimed at transforming informal settlements into organized residential areas with all basic services and appropriate infrastructure.

It’s worth noting that “Daya El Chami” was one of the most complex informal residential gatherings on private property in the Sais region, and had witnessed an increase in population and difficult living conditions over the past years. With this successful evacuation, the authorities hope for a new beginning towards improving the residents’ environment and comprehensively developing the area.

Source: Fes News

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