The Fes-Meknes Regional Council Approves Important Development Projects for the Taounate Province: Here Are the Highlights

During its regular session in July 2024, held in the city of Meknes, the Fes-Meknes Regional Council approved several important development projects for the benefit of the Taounate Province. These projects aim to enhance local development and reduce isolation in remote areas of the province.

The most notable approved projects include:

Road Rehabilitation:

  • Rehabilitation of the national road linking Fes and Taza over a distance of 7.835 km.
  • Rehabilitation of the regional road No. 408 over a distance of 11 km.
  • Rehabilitation of the regional road 505 linking Ota Bouaban and the national road No. 6 over a distance of 18.6 km.

Strategic Projects:

  • Approval of a project agreement for the construction of the Taounate Province ring road.
  • Approval of a partnership agreement for the construction of a bridge over the Al Wahda Dam between the communes of Al Ghirra in the Ouezzane Province and Tafrant in the Taounate Province.
  • Approval of a partnership agreement regarding the sewage treatment for the city of Taounate.

Program for Reducing Isolation and Enhancing Accessibility:

The council allocated a budget of 343 million dirhams for this program, distributed across projects in various administrative districts of the province:

  • Taounate District: The projects include the construction and repair of several roadways connecting various villages and main roads.
  • Tissa District: The projects focus on building roads linking villages with regional and provincial roads.
  • Ghafsai District: The projects involve the construction of roads connecting various communes and villages.
  • Qaria District: The projects include strengthening and building roadways connecting villages and main roads.

These projects aim to improve the road infrastructure in the Taounate Province, thereby reducing isolation in remote areas and enhancing the economic and social development of the region. They will also improve the living conditions of the residents and facilitate their mobility and access to basic services.

It is noteworthy that these projects are part of the second phase of the regional development program, reflecting the commitment of the Fes-Meknes Regional Council to achieve balanced and sustainable development in all the provinces of the region.

Source: Fes News

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