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Moroccan expert: King’s directive to the Supreme Scientific Council cuts off individual religious interpretations

The royal initiative to direct the Supreme Council of Ulema on some proposals of a religious nature, which were submitted to His Majesty King Mohammed VI by the body in charge of revising the Family Code, came at the right time to cut off the road to individual religious interpretations that do not take into account social realities and developments in society, said Leila Amili, president of the Free Hands Association.

In a statement to MAP, Amili explained that the parameters of this directive are clear, as the Moroccan monarch called for moderation and open and constructive ijtihad, while adhering to the principles and teachings of the true Islamic religion and its objectives. She added that the royal letter sent to the Prime Minister regarding the revision of the Family Code outlined the principles and guidelines to be followed in this regard.

Ameli recalled that His Majesty the King, in his capacity as Commander of the Faithful and President of the Supreme Council of Ulema, directed this institution – constitutionally and exclusively authorised to issue fatwas – after the commission tasked with reviewing the Family Code held broad consultations with various political, trade union, association and institutional actors.

On Friday, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, President of the High Council of Ulema, kindly instructed the Council to study certain issues contained in the proposals of the Commission for the revision of the Family Code, based on the principles and teachings of the true Islamic religion and its objectives, and to submit a fatwa on them to the Moroccan monarch’s high consideration.

This royal directive emphasises the importance of referring to the official religious authority on sensitive issues related to the family and society, thereby enhancing the stability of the social and legal system in the Kingdom of Morocco.

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