Chaos in the industrial neighborhood next to the weekly market in Taza Street vendors “colonize” the neighborhood + (photo)

The industrial neighborhood next to the weekly market witnessed, on Thursday, a state of chaos, as dozens of carts and trucks loaded with vegetables invaded the neighborhood, leading to a suffocating traffic jam and obstructing traffic.

According to local sources, despite the proximity of this neighborhood to the weekly market, street vendors preferred to be inside the neighborhood, which raised the discontent of shop owners and artisans who have difficulty reaching their workplaces and serving their customers.

In a statement by a shop owner, he expressed his dissatisfaction with this phenomenon, saying: “We are not against street vendors practicing their activity, but it should be done in an organized manner that does not obstruct traffic and harm the owners of shops in the neighborhood.”

“We have tried to contact the local authorities to address this issue, but to no avail so far,” he added.

For their part, some residents of the neighborhood called for the intervention of the responsible authorities to enforce law and order, ensure the smooth flow of traffic, and protect the interests of shop owners and artisans.

Source : Fes News Media

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